PlantBased Project

PlantBased Project

Hey peeps.

I know we have come a long way since the coffee shop blogging, but it is all part of the growing & evolving of my journey and I believe it’s all a logical process that I am now focusing of a bigger project: PlantBased.

My blogging phase was just what I needed when I arrived, single, in Manchester after 7 years of being in back in France. I wanted to rediscover that city very dear to my heart and I was completely in love with how much it had grown and changed. I couldn’t get enough of it, I met incredible people along the way and was the happiest I probably had ever been.

I created Plantbased PROJECT as a way of taking my vegan actions further. I had always said to myself ” don’t become the vegan type who tries to convince and bore everyone ” but actually today, I think differently: Be the fighter and the believer ! I would love people to understand that:

– Few swaps and changes will make a BIG difference.

– We must stop burying out head in the ground thinking we are fine, we are not.

– Life plantbased is far from tasteless and boring.

I am French, I will always have this running in my veins. My culinary heritage is based on all meats and cheeses you can name and dream of. Yes. However, luckily, I travelled, I read, I discussed, I learned and now I can say I would swap my Bourguignon for Thai green curry any day. Every now and then, I admit I enjoy some local cheese and bread. Every now and then, I eat an organic steak when I know where it comes from. Vegan police may arrest me, I am only human. I am proud to make a difference in my own way.

I created PlantBased to bring everyone some new swap ideas, showing you how yummy, healthy, tasty and nutritious cruelty-free food can be. It is going to be just like me: cute, honest and kind to all human beings !

It’s not about a fancy product, everything I put into this brand is about raising awareness & help making some changes for the planet 🌎.

If I can do it alone, imagine what we can all do together ?

I care and I want you to care too



For the last 5 days, I have had a swollen stomach. It pokes out like there is a growing alien inside me. It bothers me, but it’s not because it’s big, it’s because it’s painful. Yes I eat healthy and I exercice. This bloating is caused by some foods my body is not breaking down & therefore, it is left to hanging around my stomach instead of being digested. Just like eating fruits at the end of a meal. Gaz makes my stomach swell up. I don’t sleep well and I don’t feel well. It annoys me and I don’t feel my usual self. I turn into a crumpy b*tch, and most of all, I feel dissatisfied with any food I have. Because nothing is being digested properly.

Luckily, I can make a note of it and avoid the food that triggers this reaction. In my case, too much oats & bread. This is an easy intolerance with a pretty straight forward symptom. But it hasn’t always been that easy.

An intolerance differentiates itself to an allergy in a way that an allergy is a reaction of the immune system, therefore we acknowledge way quicker an allergy. An intolerance will usually stick to the digestive system and create mild symptoms but I truly think both are equally dangerous. An allergy could kill you nearly straight away, but so would not treating an intolerance properly too, but way slower….and this is why no one pays attention to intolerance.

I would like to add that we could also well be intolerant to other people, like I think I am intolerant to egocentric pricks and selfish people .

Signs of intolerance or that your body is rejecting something or can’t cope with something ( or someone !) :

  • Bloating of the stomach
  • Itching of the skin
  • Redness of the skin
  • Swelling of the skin or stomach
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Insomnia, trouble to sleep
  • Weight lose
  • Weight gain
  • Nutrients deficiencies
  • Mood swings
  • Aches and pains in the body
  • Unmotivated to do things / sluggish
  • General sadness, depression feeling

Now pretty much all of us will suffer from some of those occasionally… and think it’s no biggy. I remember my lovely friend Diane who constantly felt like passing out or vomiting for more than a year (so we ruled out the pregnancy thing) but we were worried. A friend told her to stop gluten. She saw the doctors who laughed at her, saying that ” everyone is following the trend of no gluten but no one really suffers from it, it’s just a myth.” Well, myth or not, she gave it a go. Now she is in top form and after a year, she can re-introduce pizza and other delicacies every now and then.

#moderation is key.

Then there is my mum, who felt really tired, with body pains all over wondering what the eck was happening only to realise here was no medical issue, she was “simply” starting to go through depression.

If you feel like something isn’t right, then it is the first step.

Please…don’t keep popping pills trying to mask the pain. It is easy to say, and I personally have suffered from severe migraines to mysterious mouth ulcers for years before understanding no doctors would help me, only I could help myself. (Doctors just get paid and sell medication. Medication is a B.I.G business. I took cortisone, steroids, creams, stopped eating tomates and cheeses, coffee and nuts. It was all helping to relief the symptoms but nothing would cure.

I felt alone, misunderstood, helpless and just thought I would spend the rest of my life dealing with it.

I tried to find answers for myself and then I took a step back. I wrote my feelings down, I searched for the psychological aspect of things, I took a long look at myself. I stopped some old habits which I thought were healthy, I stopped caring too much about the boss which I thought was what ambition was, I stopped giving too much of my time to some of who just took it but didn’t give it back, which I thought that was friendship, I sat down and practised yoga by the sea alone. I ended a love relationship which I thought would always last. I moved countries. I followed my heart. I tried and failed some stuff. I made mistakes but I accept them. I grew up. I love myself more and give a little less to others. I use Ho’ponopono meditations. I ask for help if I need. I try not to repeat the same mistake twice and if I do, it’s ok.

Moral is:

It isn’t always about the food we feed our bodies, but it is also the thoughts we feed our minds, the relationships we maintain instead of letting go, the pressure we think we are handling well, the traumas we have experienced but haven’t really made peace with.

Your rational mind may try to convince you that you are doing fine, but you may actually not be at peace with yourself and your subconscious mind tries to alert you in the only other way it can.

Listen to the little voices. Acknowledge every aspects of your well-being. Your body could be intolerant to your favourite type of bread, or to your surroundings, to your lifestyle, to your boss or the attitude of some people around you. You think you can’t change that ? Hell you can. Open up, say what’s on your mind and whoever doesn’t like it, bin them out.

Now I am off to stop eating oats and bread for a while, and have some plums juice and tell my mum I love her.

Coffee ( and much more ) at The Garden in Hale…

Coffee ( and much more ) at The Garden in Hale…

One of my favourite little village around, Hale. It feels peaceful and safe around here and I really enjoy walking around the long roads on a sunny day

One beautiful little cafe which is becoming my favourite of all time is The Garden. It has a beautiful menu which gives you something different to anywhere else. Organic, seasonal products are carefully chosen and make up an amazing menu full of healthy dishes.

For anyone looking for a yummy morning snack break, I recommend their delicious cold pressed smoothies. Lunch & brunch are also delicious so I recommend a few visits 🙈

It has a little back garden too, which makes sunny days feel like a perfect little retreat with a book or a best friend !

Veggetis + Vegan lentil balls + pesto and tahini 

This little place is full of inspiration as it also offers plenty of workshops and others event such as yoga classes made to get people together.

Do visit and do enjoy…. it is exactly what I would have done with a cafe…. do you guys franchise 🤔🙃 ?

Be the change.

Be the change.

Hello peeps

Who wants to save money, be healthier and help the Earth ? I do.

I want to inspire people to cook ethical recipes without fuss, meaning that you will just do with what you have, without going to the grocery store for an item you are missing. With the right stuff in your pantry and one easy, weekly grocery shopping list, you can create amazing stuff without the need to follow a step by step recipe or buy specific stuff. Ethical cooking is about being Creative. Of course, you need a little "cuisine knowledge" in order to know what you can swipe the ingredients for, but experimenting is part of the fun. We wouldn't have tatin tarts otherwise !

I have now what I need in my pantry to make all the stuff you see (it lasts for months), my weekly shop only consist of fresh veggies, fruits, eggs and sometimes organic cheese and wine ! Oh the occasional toothpaste and shampoo too….

I will show you how I plan my meals for the week, what are my pantry must haves, and my shopping for the week. Then I will make all the recipes with what I have only. No cheating. I always substitute ingredients anyways, specially when I have to make a vegan béchamel ( my French mom would kill me if she knew !) Sometimes I don't have eggs but it doesn't stop me from making pancakes…. it's all about the right swap baby.

I really want to motivate everyone to become more creative in the kitchen, not to follow one specific recipe. Everyone has different tastes buds, some are vegan or veggies, some have allergies etc so I just want to give a guideline & let you create and adapt to what suits you. Ethical doesn't mean vegan or veggie either, you can also contribute to the Earth by being more careful with the product you buy, limiting food waste, your trips to the shop on the car and plastic bag usage but that s all for another part….!

The important is to make smart choices during your food shop, to buy only what you need for the next 7 days, and avoid driving back to the shops 4 times during the week ! I am making a very conscious effort to stop spending too much on food & it isn't easy as I am addicted to cooking. But I am also pretty broke so I really need to put in the work.

We will start with the blog & if you enjoy I will make a friendlier mobile version of it ?

À bientôt !

Coffee in East Didsbury

Coffee in East Didsbury

Finally decided to head to Didsbury as I heard of a delicious French patisserie making baguettes…. obviously had to test it out. "Bisous Bisous" bake and sell fresh pastries, beautiful macaroons, French pâtisseries and traditional baguettes in their very cute little shop. I opted for the baguette tradition which sells for £1.80 and was very tasty and nice. However I was a little frustrated with the price of it and the fact that you can't enjoy a French breakfast of baguette butter and jam tartine with a coffee right there, I would have loved that.

Anywooooooo we then headed to West Didsbury to eat breaky and found the very cute "Rustik cafe", with its little terrasse perfect for this sunny morning.
Stevo and I shared a veggie platter which contains chickpeas falafels, red cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes hummus and flat bread. It was very unusual for me not to go for the avo on sourdough but hey it is a new moon so time for a change ✌🏻️ !

Totally loved this morning date hanging around yet another part of Manchester !


Quiche with Vegan Pie Crust.

Quiche with Vegan Pie Crust.

I am so proud of this one as I was a little scared of making crust. I got so excited about making quiche that I thought let's do it properly and make my own vegan crust because, I don't eat butter.

Crust: easy. Mix flour and vegetable spread, margarine or coconut oil. It has to be hard obviously. Add a pinch of salt. Mix it with your hand until your made a bowl of dough. Wrap in cling film and place it in refrigerator while you cook the filling of the quiche.

Quiche filling: any-thing-you-like ! I made mine with chopped onions, steamed broccolis, raw spinach and Chesney mushrooms all together quickly fried in a hot pan with olive oil.

Get the dough out of the fridge, spread it on a cleaned floured kitchen towel and roll it out ( I used the cold bottle of beer !)
Place it in a non-stock quiche dish and place in hot over for 10 min. ( 150 degrees )

Quiche mix ( to hold everything ): I used cashew cream ( 100g of organic cashews mixed with water and a pinch of salt 2 organic eggs, salt & pepper. I also sprinkled a little Parmesan 🙊

Spread the veggies onto the dish, add the mixture and bake for 30minutes or until it looks ready as I usually do. Once
You take it out, let is cool in order for everything to stand up on its on. Sometimes a quiche will fall appart when you try to cut it too soon ! Plus I don't like eating a burning quiche, I like it warm !

Enjoy with a little oregano sauce or a light salad !

I will soon try a total vegan version of this quiche but I am undecided of what to use for the egg replacement, maybe Chia seeds as suggested by my good friend Vicky !

Stay tune and eat plants ✌🏻🌱

Say no to soya.

Say no to soya.

Vegan friends. Non vegan friends. If you are trying to switch from dairy or animal products, I think you would be right, I support you and just like you, I want the creamiest, tastiest alternative. As a coffee lover, I believe the best lattes are made with proper milk, but since I drink way too much of it, I decided to make some sacrifices. I have tried every options available: soya, rice, hemp, almond, oats, coconut. I would like to warn everyone about Soya “milk” and explain why it is dangerous.

It was probably the first and cheapest non dairy alternative which became easily available in supermarkets and in cafe, but do you really know what is inside ? How is it made or produced ? You probably think buy organic soya “milk” is feeding your body & soul a pure drink which has not hurt an animal or the planet. #wrong. #verywrong. I won’t go into details here, I will probably talk about Monsanto in a separate article, but here are some facts.

Soya “milk” contains soya. No kidding. Soy crops are the most destructive sort of crops. They rob the soil of all the nutrients, without giving any back. Have you heard of RoundUp before ? I have, because as a child, my dad had a little yellow spraying machine filled with RoundUp herbicide and he used to spray the stuff on any growing weed in the garden to kill it and preserve his beautiful grass. RoundUp is sprayed all over crops in the US so 90% of soy production is genetically modified to become resistant to Monsantos RoundUp. I don’t think RoundUp taste nice and I don’t think we want to input it in our bodies, thank you.

And to continue this beautiful story, Soya “milk” also contains:

  • Phytoestrogens 
  • Physic acid, a content which reduces the absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc 
  • Synthetic Vitamin D2, which is poorly absorbed by the body without the adequate co factor fat. 
  • Added Vitamin A ( fake ) which, in high dosage, can be toxic for the body
  • “Natural flavors” oh well. It could range from a lot of édulcorant, sugars and salt to animals byproducts. The term natural flavoring is still to be determined for most branded soy milk. 

Let’s highlight that soy “milk” is linked to goitrogens, which has been proven to affect the thyroid glands and mess up the natural hormone production of the body. Therefore it is linked with hormones disorders: disturb metabolism, weight gain, decrease energy levels etc. 

As mentioned above, it has been proven that soy contains estrogen, which may result in the following:

  • Women: disrupt period, decrease fertility, increase of breast cancer risks
  • Men: disrupt libido, increase fat accumulation around the waist, risk of tissue growth particularly around the boob area ( man boob)

Overall, Soy drink is not a natural food product. 

I understand how you are wishing to do your body a favor by staying away from dairy milk, but please choose another type. 

I will continue to talk about options in different articles, as I have finally found my perfect milk alternative 🌙