Chia Seeds.

Here is my very own take on porridge 2017 version. Chia seeds are incredibly versatile and healthy. They fill me up for hours, and are great before a work-out.

  • Stock Up On Omega-3
  • Calcium Friendly
  • Don’t Forget Manganese 
  • Plenty Of Phosphorus
  • Pack In The Protein 

To name just a few of the benefits of Chia !

How to prepare it ? Few options. You can let it soak overnight in water, hemp / oat / rice / coconut / goat / soya milk, with any toppings you wish: nuts, dried berries, agave syrup, cooked fruits compote etc….endless possibilities !

Personally, I don’t like it cold. I add boiling water, it instantly soak the water up. I place it in the Nutri Bullet with frozen fruits. It can be a base for an acai bowl, or any type of porridge.

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