I am telling you here why I started eating in a bowl rather than a plate and why I love it.

  1. It visually looks better. Scientifically, we also eat with our eyes, and eating food that looks nice makes you feel satisfied quicker ! I honestly enjoy every spoonful of each meal I make because I spent time making it, because it visually looks lovely and I appreciate every mouthful. Makes me feel satisfied straight away !
  2. Choose the right size for yourself and you will be less likely to over eat
  3. I am a messy eater. A bowl makes it easier for me, just like a child !


Now for some of my favourite bowl recipes ! Most of those are Vegan, they are super quick to prepare, and are super healthy too. You will need a Nutri-bullet or good little food processor.

  • Lots of Frozen berries
  • 1 frozen banana chopped
  • 1 spoon of Soy yogurt
  • 1 glass of water
  • You can add agave syrup if you want it sweeter
  • You can add a spoonful of organic Peanut Butter for a fuller bowl
  • For the ACAI recipe, simply buy Acai berries or Acai powder for Holland&Barrett. Expensive but loaded with goodness !!
  • Place it all in Nutri Bullet. In summer I place ice cubs instead of water. Same same !
  • Decorate the top with fruits, nuts, sprinkle with seeds et voila !

Green Buddha Bowl.

Giant Couscous, Avocado, Courgettes and Basil Bowl

Why the name Buddha ? Because you fill up the bowl and it looks like Buddhas full rounded belly ! Oui oui !

A Buddha bowl is simple & easy. The base is made from healthy grains such as pearl barley, giant couscous, quinoa, buckwheat etc. Then add raw veggies, healthy fats from AVOCADOS, and seeds. Garlic and fresh herbs are important too to make this dish super flavoursome. Add a drizzle of oil, salt pepper and you re done ! There isn’t a recipe as such, just make it as you like with the ingredients you like. Fill free to throw some pulse if you want a hearty meal: lentils, chickpeas, black beans etc….for your important daily proteins intake !

Broccoli rice, Coriander, Spinach & Chickpeas Bowl

Keep it healthy and vegan. The idea is to be satisfied by the actual goodness of the ingredients rather than adding too many sauces. Choose good organic ingredients and you will have a delicious ethical vegan meal !


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