Coffee in Manchester.

I have been waiting patiently for weeks to try this place, and the day has come !

♡ Another Heart to Feed ♡

Just the name made me want to go because it is so cute! And what a place.

This Melbourne inspired coffee shop is everything I like about a coffee shop:

  1. The smell of coffee & fresh toasts as you open the front door
  2. The groovy rhythm in the background
  3. The cosy tables to gather with friends & the stools by the windows for the singletons like me
  4. The menu full of avocados, poached eggs, acai bowls, granola to name a few
  5. The friendly staff who genuinely care

Seriously, this is by far my favourite coffee shop, I wish them a lot of success., thank you for bringing some sunshine !

Another Heart to feed ♡

77-79 Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 5BZ

Open: Tues-Fri 7.30-3pm, Sat & Sun 9-4pm


    1. Hi Alex ! It is a pleasure I really love your place ! And thanks for Yoga, that’s such a good idea, I am a fan !

      Caroline x


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