Power of Snacking.


Make snacking part of your diet. Personally, I eat every two or three hours. Why ? Because I love to eat, I hate being hungry and I like keeping healthy stuff to reach. I honestly turn into a monster, I get Hangryyyy, I could turn into a B*itch & I would eat you !

Seriously, snacking is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes, so do include it in your daily routine !

Here are some ideas of my favourite snacks, mid morning, pre or post work-out or before bed ! Yes, you can eat before bed too…you won’t get nightmares I promise !

  • Fresh or frozen fruits, Soy yogurt, Seeds & Nuts
  • Avocados, Feta & Spinach on Soda Bread: Mid – Afternoon ( bread gives me energy to hit the gym ! )
  • Peanut butter (organic, no salt,sugar or palm oil), Banana & Hemp milk Smoothie: Post work out proteins, or before bed snack (bananas are full of potassium & will help you sleep)

For quicker options to take anywhere with you if you are in an office or out all day:

  • Carrots and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes with organic hummus
  • Apples and Bananas slices + Peanut Butter (organic, no salt sugar or palm oil),
  • Hand-full of nuts, Seeds with Greek yogurt pot ( easy to find in supermarkets)


It requires some preparation but trust me, you do not want to deal with me when I start getting hungry. It helps me to stay away from crisps or anything that I would crave like croissants, pastries, cakes or things we crave when we are super hungry ! On the same note, never go food shopping when you are hungry, or know the healthy choices to make.

Notice how my snack always combine healthy fats, proteins and fresh vitamins from raw veggies or fruits ? Healthy fats are important to keep you satisfy and you need them in your life ! Getting sufficient amounts of good fat actually means that, when you occasionally eat ” bad” saturated fats, your body does not “store ” them, because it already has plenty of the good fat it requires.

So enjoy eating those avocados, those oily fishes, the peanut or cashew butter, those nuts and seeds and all the good friendly fats around { unless you are trying to loose weight }.

Keep healthy guys & thank you for reading !


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