Coffee in Manchester, Northern Quarter.

Waking up to a bright blue sky on Sunday, we decided to hit the street & hunt for a great breakfast to start the day. It was early. Evelyn’s popped into my mind. I love Evelyn’s vibe: its friendly staff, the sneaky view over the open kitchen, the pink or blue lattes, the simple menu that guarantees freshly prepared food … so many reasons to feel at home in there. You can come as you are, like me every Sundays: Yoga pants, messy buns and a smile on my hungry face.
Vegans, Vegetarians, or Meat lover will find happiness here: swap the old borin’ poached egg on toast for a Shakshuka or Kedgeree.
The food is one thing, but the staff is just as important to make you feel welcomed and cared for. They totally get you, care for you & it shows. Wonder if the shakshuka is too spicy ? Have a little taste first. Not enough custard with the crumble ? Worry not. A hug jar will be brought to you.
Personal picks ?
The Shakshuka Baked Egg for breakkie, with a blue latte….yes because it is a blue latte !
The  Vegan Green bowl and Apple Crumble for lunch – all about that balance baby !
The “One More Thyme” cocktail with Smashed avocados, pickled chilli & crackers for an after-work catch up with the girls
To end this lovely adventure, we took a little stroll down the Makers Market on Stevenson Square, ideal to enjoy the sunshine  and appreciate the inspiring and eclectic mix of Manchester based artists, designers, creative, producers and bakers.

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