Banana & Peanut Butter Treats



Those little babies can be called muffin or bread depending on your mood ?

I wanted little treats to bring to work & to grab before sleeping so I went for the little muffins options !

Easy peasy, here is what you need:

2 ripe bananas

1 big spoon of peanut butter, organic, no salt or sugar or palm oil added

2 spoons of quinoa flour

2 eggs

1 spoon of agave syrup

1 pinch of salt

Mix all together, pour in the cooking tin. Add some berries on top, few banana slices, and a little extras peanut B if you re feeling adventurous.

In the oven 30 minutes at 120degres et voila BAM !

They smell delicious, they look delicious & they could even taste delicious if it all went well 🙂

Enjoy xx

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