Mama’s 2 days visit in Manchester.

We all know by now how much I love Manchester. I was thrilled when my mama decided to visit, as it gave me the chance to show her the reasons I left France for this place.

Reason 1

The people. I felt in love with them 9 years ago, and never met more fun, honest & loyal friends than my British friends.

Reasons 2

Coffee Vibes. Manchester’s coffee shops game is STRONG.  All of them have their individual personalities & special touches. I could go on & on about it, but you can read that in previous posts 🙂 Manchester also offers so many restaurants, I reckon in 10 years, I still won’t have tried them all !

Reason 3

Culture. Music. Art. Craft. I adore Manchester’s quirkiness, I love to get lost in the Northern Quarter looking up at every single building. Everything changes. Colors, textures, styles…. there is something for everyone here ! You will never be judged in this place, you come as you are and you are always welcome with a friendly face. I feel confident, inspired and peaceful walking around here. Northern Quarter is a place to get lost on a sunny Sunday, with a coffee to go, without looking at the time. I also enjoy the Manchester Art Gallery a lot. Currently, there is an exhibition about England. It is stunning ( sometimes shocking ) but if you are a England lover like me, you will love it.

Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers until May  29th.

Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL

If you get the chance, visit the Manchester Craft & Design Center in the Northern Quarter. It is a lovely little place with very talented Artists, hand-making lots and lots of little things. There is a little Café inside which I was recommended to me, Vegan & Veggie friendly.

17 Oak Street Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 5JD

art gallery

Reason 4

When the sun is out, it is like everyone is forgetting about their issues, you see smiling faces all around ( shorts & flipflops a little too soon too !) and everyone gather together for fun stuff. I was lucky to enjoy 5 full days of sun and I nearly felt like I was in Sydney !!!

You are beautiful Manchester, and I love you to bits.


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