Yoga for the soul. 

Coffee and yoga go together like avo and poached eggs. 

Say those two words to me and I feel completely zen. 

I have very often practiced yoga on my own. I can never follow a class. That is because I like my yoga to be free, I learnt the poses that helped my own body and I do my own flow at my own pace. I rarely have time to do it 1 full hour, let alone finding time to go to a class. I don’t say no to it, because you meet some cool yogis but I will admit I don’t go very often. 

Instead, I prefer my yoga first thing in the morning before eating, it is usually a 30 minutes stretch & warm up, which allows my body to slowly wake up. 

In France, I used to take my mat by the beach, and most of the time the flow ended with me lying on the floor listening to the waves. It is all part of it, if your flow involves just laying on the floor “babypose” style, then it is ! It is YOUR flow. You don’t have to impress anyone, just do what you want. Lying down, breathing slowly already has huge benefits for your body and your mind ( Many of us don’t even know how to correctly inhale and exhale…!)

If you work out a lot, use this time to stretch your muscles. Stretching is incredibly important for the health of your joint and muscle. Extend them and release all the tensions tengled in there. You are not a piece of wood, your body can slowly become more and more flexible and it’s is pretty amazing when you feel every part of your body responding and adjusting as you warm up and go deeper into a pose.

Yoga is not about doing that headstand perfectly or the split. People taking pictures of it either do it to see progress, or need encouragement and I support it ! If you feel proud of yourself because you are getting closer to your own little yoga challenge then do it !!!! Do whatever you want & feel proud that you are doing something for you, your body and your mind. That’s always healthy.  

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