On the road to the big 3.0 part 1.

Hello friends ! This post isn’t about food ! I just wanted to write a little bit about the changes I feel happening everyday on my little journey that is called my life, growing, learning and enjoying it as much as possible. 

On Saturday, as I was enjoying brunch with someone I care about more than words can explain- my other half- a song I hadn’t heard for a long time came on. It was ” 7 seconds” by Youssoun Dour and Neneh Cherry. We both started singing along and both thought what a tune !! 

That very moment I was enjoying a bagel, listening to that great song and smiling at life with him, I thought “Man I just love this moment”.

So today, Monday, I downloaded that song. And I am just sat alone enjoying my little post work out coffee, I am listening to this song and it takes me to this happy moment. 

Find those simple little moment and put them in your little happy box. Cherish them. Keep them secret or share them. But whatever you do, hold onto them when you are sad. I am not saying life always turns out perfectly, but sometimes timing is important and if life is harsh, maybe it is just to teach you a lesson. Take time to reflect and analyse what is it you have to learn. 

Keep your box full of those simple things. Let it be a smell, like the one of coffee that comforts me every morning. A photo that you can keep in your wallet. A song you download on your phone. And anytime you feel like you are out of balance, stressed or full of negative emotions, take 5 minutes one to one with that ” thing” and let the feeling of it running thru your mind & body until you smile again.

I have been filling up my little box and today, I can hang onto many “things”. I never feel alone, because when I have some spare time with myself, I have my “things” and I feel fulfilled. The road is always going to be bumpy, but I trust it will lead me where I am supposed to be. 


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