I am delighted to write about Altrincham today ! 

I have to apologize for my absence but I have had to fight my way to an apartment in Altrincham. Let me tell you this “battle” was not easy and it took a lot of time and energy. We are finally at the end and I can confidently say, we are moving to Altrincham !!!

So why Altrincham ? Tram-ing to the city is easy – less than 25 minutes – and easy access to motorways….But those are the boring reasons ! 

To me Altrincham is: the Markets: local good real food, small community of fabulous people, vegan treats etc. I am really excited to move to a family orientated area, with plenty of exciting new places to try ! It is also closer to friends &  I can’t wait to have them around for diner and wines !

Here is a sneak peak of the markets, which is my favorite Sunday morning activity with friends and family. 

So next month, I will be writting a full on post all about new life in Altrincham ! 


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