Be grateful for the things you have, no one knows how long they will be there for. 

Last week was a stressful week. Awaiting the decision for the apartment, fighting my way against others to be able to rent a place just like everyone else was difficult ! It made me realize how I react when things are out of my control. I do not cope well and it makes me anxious ! So my plan to tackle this reaction is to let go of anything I do not control, and take ownership of the things I can.  I am grateful for those things I have, my physical and mental health, my brain, my circle of friends, my job. And anything that I can’t control, I let go of. 

Stress at work ? Let go. If you are doing the best you can, don’t let stress of management overwhelm your own self. You are doing your best with the best of intentions. If you struggle, speak to your manager for more support.

Stress in your relationship ? Let go. If you are doing your very best, communicate your worries and you still feel like there is no solutions, you are in a relationship with the wrong person. 

Financial stress? Let go. Money is a flow of energy. Dueling too much on how little money you have will result in not having more. Focusing on the positive : You have to pay bills because you are lucky to have a roof or a car may sound silly but it is the truth. Be positive with money and always talk to yourself or other in a positive manner, believe it yourself. You are going to afford your holidays or your dream house. Make a plan and manage your finances. You will be ok. Work a little more and spend a little less. Find out how you spend your money maybe you are spending money to compensate a lack of love ? 

Focus on yourself, focus on your feelings and your happiness. I thing it is important to remind ourselves that there are many  aspects of life we will not have control over or very limited control: our mental or physical health, fertility, lose of a loved one.

Thanskfully, there are aspects we do have control over: how we use our spare time, finding what makes us happy, choosing our circle of friends, managing our finances, choosing our career, the place we live etc…yes some of us may forget about it but we make the choices and it is easy sometimes to say ” i have to be here for x y z ” 9 out of 10 we have created excuses to make us feel better about choices that make us unhappy. 

I am trying to focus 90% of my time on those things I have control over, doing plenty of stuff that fills me with happiness, ( cheap thrills like coffee, reading a book, walking outside, taking photos ) surrounding myself with great people and design the life I want. Focusing so much on taking ownership of this life i want so that when life decide to challenge me with unplannned event, i hope to have enough strength to overcome it. 

Those 10% left will happen. But they will not be the focus of my life and it will not overwhelm me. 


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