Say no to soya.

Vegan friends. Non vegan friends. If you are trying to switch from dairy or animal products, I think you would be right, I support you and just like you, I want the creamiest, tastiest alternative. As a coffee lover, I believe the best lattes are made with proper milk, but since I drink way too much of it, I decided to make some sacrifices. I have tried every options available: soya, rice, hemp, almond, oats, coconut. I would like to warn everyone about Soya “milk” and explain why it is dangerous.

It was probably the first and cheapest non dairy alternative which became easily available in supermarkets and in cafe, but do you really know what is inside ? How is it made or produced ? You probably think buy organic soya “milk” is feeding your body & soul a pure drink which has not hurt an animal or the planet. #wrong. #verywrong. I won’t go into details here, I will probably talk about Monsanto in a separate article, but here are some facts.

Soya “milk” contains soya. No kidding. Soy crops are the most destructive sort of crops. They rob the soil of all the nutrients, without giving any back. Have you heard of RoundUp before ? I have, because as a child, my dad had a little yellow spraying machine filled with RoundUp herbicide and he used to spray the stuff on any growing weed in the garden to kill it and preserve his beautiful grass. RoundUp is sprayed all over crops in the US so 90% of soy production is genetically modified to become resistant to Monsantos RoundUp. I don’t think RoundUp taste nice and I don’t think we want to input it in our bodies, thank you.

And to continue this beautiful story, Soya “milk” also contains:

  • Phytoestrogens 
  • Physic acid, a content which reduces the absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc 
  • Synthetic Vitamin D2, which is poorly absorbed by the body without the adequate co factor fat. 
  • Added Vitamin A ( fake ) which, in high dosage, can be toxic for the body
  • “Natural flavors” oh well. It could range from a lot of édulcorant, sugars and salt to animals byproducts. The term natural flavoring is still to be determined for most branded soy milk. 

Let’s highlight that soy “milk” is linked to goitrogens, which has been proven to affect the thyroid glands and mess up the natural hormone production of the body. Therefore it is linked with hormones disorders: disturb metabolism, weight gain, decrease energy levels etc. 

As mentioned above, it has been proven that soy contains estrogen, which may result in the following:

  • Women: disrupt period, decrease fertility, increase of breast cancer risks
  • Men: disrupt libido, increase fat accumulation around the waist, risk of tissue growth particularly around the boob area ( man boob)

Overall, Soy drink is not a natural food product. 

I understand how you are wishing to do your body a favor by staying away from dairy milk, but please choose another type. 

I will continue to talk about options in different articles, as I have finally found my perfect milk alternative 🌙

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