Coffee in East Didsbury

Finally decided to head to Didsbury as I heard of a delicious French patisserie making baguettes…. obviously had to test it out. "Bisous Bisous" bake and sell fresh pastries, beautiful macaroons, French pâtisseries and traditional baguettes in their very cute little shop. I opted for the baguette tradition which sells for £1.80 and was very tasty and nice. However I was a little frustrated with the price of it and the fact that you can't enjoy a French breakfast of baguette butter and jam tartine with a coffee right there, I would have loved that.

Anywooooooo we then headed to West Didsbury to eat breaky and found the very cute "Rustik cafe", with its little terrasse perfect for this sunny morning.
Stevo and I shared a veggie platter which contains chickpeas falafels, red cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes hummus and flat bread. It was very unusual for me not to go for the avo on sourdough but hey it is a new moon so time for a change ✌🏻️ !

Totally loved this morning date hanging around yet another part of Manchester !


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