Be the change.

Hello peeps

Who wants to save money, be healthier and help the Earth ? I do.

I want to inspire people to cook ethical recipes without fuss, meaning that you will just do with what you have, without going to the grocery store for an item you are missing. With the right stuff in your pantry and one easy, weekly grocery shopping list, you can create amazing stuff without the need to follow a step by step recipe or buy specific stuff. Ethical cooking is about being Creative. Of course, you need a little “cuisine knowledge” in order to know what you can swipe the ingredients for, but experimenting is part of the fun. We wouldn’t have tatin tarts otherwise !

I have now what I need in my pantry to make all the stuff you see (it lasts for months), my weekly shop only consist of fresh veggies, fruits, eggs and sometimes organic cheese and wine ! Oh the occasional toothpaste and shampoo too….

I will show you how I plan my meals for the week, what are my pantry must haves, and my shopping for the week. Then I will make all the recipes with what I have only. No cheating. I always substitute ingredients anyways, specially when I have to make a vegan béchamel ( my French mom would kill me if she knew !) Sometimes I don’t have eggs but it doesn’t stop me from making pancakes…. it’s all about the right swap baby.

I really want to motivate everyone to become more creative in the kitchen, not to follow one specific recipe. Everyone has different tastes buds, some are vegan or veggies, some have allergies etc so I just want to give a guideline & let you create and adapt to what suits you. Ethical doesn’t mean vegan or veggie either, you can also contribute to the Earth by being more careful with the product you buy, limiting food waste, your trips to the shop on the car and plastic bag usage but that s all for another part….!

The important is to make smart choices during your food shop, to buy only what you need for the next 7 days, and avoid driving back to the shops 4 times during the week ! I am making a very conscious effort to stop spending too much on food & it isn’t easy as I am addicted to cooking. But I am also pretty broke so I really need to put in the work.

We will start with the blog & if you enjoy I will make a friendlier mobile version of it ?

À bientôt !

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