Coffee ( and much more ) at The Garden in Hale…

One of my favourite little village around, Hale. It feels peaceful and safe around here and I really enjoy walking around the long roads on a sunny day

One beautiful little cafe which is becoming my favourite of all time is The Garden. It has a beautiful menu which gives you something different to anywhere else. Organic, seasonal products are carefully chosen and make up an amazing menu full of healthy dishes.

For anyone looking for a yummy morning snack break, I recommend their delicious cold pressed smoothies. Lunch & brunch are also delicious so I recommend a few visits 🙈

It has a little back garden too, which makes sunny days feel like a perfect little retreat with a book or a best friend !

Veggetis + Vegan lentil balls + pesto and tahini 

This little place is full of inspiration as it also offers plenty of workshops and others event such as yoga classes made to get people together.

Do visit and do enjoy…. it is exactly what I would have done with a cafe…. do you guys franchise 🤔🙃 ?


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