Harvest Project

Hey peeps.

I know we have come a long way since the coffee shop blogging, but it is all part of the growing & evolving of my journey and I believe it’s all a logical process that I am now focusing of a bigger project: a book.

My blogging phase was just what I needed when I arrived, single, in Manchester after 7 years of being in back in France. I wanted to rediscover that city very dear to my heart and I was completely in love with how much it had grown and changed. I couldn’t get enough of it, I met incredible people along the way and was the happiest I probably had ever been.

I want this book as a way of taking my vegan actions further. I had always said to myself ” don’t become the vegan type who tries to convince and bore everyone ” but actually today, I think differently: Be the fighter and the believer ! I would love people to understand that:

– Few swaps and changes will make a BIG difference.

– We must stop burying out head in the ground thinking we are fine, we are not.

– Life plantbased is far from tasteless and boring.

I am French, I will always have this running in my veins. My culinary heritage is based on all meats and cheeses you can name and dream of. Yes. However, luckily, I travelled, I read, I discussed, I learned and now I can say I would swap my Bourguignon for Thai green curry any day. Every now and then, I admit I enjoy some local cheese and bread. Every now and then, I eat an organic steak when I know where it comes from. Vegan police may arrest me, I am only human. I am proud to make a difference in my own way.

I want to bring everyone some new swap ideas, showing you how yummy, healthy, tasty and nutritious cruelty-free food can be.

It’s not about a fancy product, everything I put into this brand is about raising awareness & help making some changes for the planet 🌎.

If I can do it alone, imagine what we can all do together ?

I care and I want you to care too

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