Book project.

I am often asked why I want to be vegan and what it means to me.

I have said in previous posts that I want to make a change about the way we treat the planet, this is my very first argument. I want to maintain a sustainable way of life. Of course, I want to be healthier and feel better by leading a cruelty-free life. But I think it is easy to get carried away and contradict ourselves if the idea of Veganism isn’t clear.

In my mind, it means buying fresh, local products, which are chemicals-free, hormones-free and cruelty-free. I noticed that many vegans, myself included, would go away from animal products for ethical reasons, but happily buy avocados or bananas in excess, and ask for an almond latte in Starbucks.

Avocado have travelled the world to get to the UK. The carbon footprint is big, and the health benefits reduced during the travels. Furthermore, it is absolutely not in season here in the UK. And raising in demand has made it a deadly business similar to cocaïne. What about bananas ? Do you even know the conditions in which most workers work so that you get your cheap 69p bananas ? Have you heard of the term Fair Trade and do you consciously make an effort to pick fair trade brands ?

Why not giving our bodies healthy earthy food, AND support local British producers and business owners or at least producers respecting BASIC human rights ?

With this book, I want an idea to grow. I want people to understand it is no longer about keeping in shape and healthy. It is to spread the vibe about supporting our economy, avoiding food waste, boycotting tasteless supermarkets & chains. It is about eating in season to provide our bodies and soul the right nutrients at the right time when it needs it.

The idea of the book is to give people simple recipes made with local fresh seasonal products. 1 weekly food shop, a couple of fruits and veggies that can makes 6 or 7 different dishes.

I believe that it is the way forward, to reduce food waste, to reduce plastics and cardboard, to reduce carbon footprint, to stop animal cruelty, whilst boosting UK economy and promote local small businesses.

I hope that it will inspire others, I hope people will realise you don’t need to be rich to eat well and lead a sustainable lifestyle; au contraire ! I will show you to get bargains, how to reuse, recycle and donate. Let’s be honest, we could all do with investing a little more into our food and a little less in that pair of shoes, that night-out or even your own daily coffee anyways!

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