Mindfulness & Gratefulness.

I have been practicing mindfulness for nearly a year now and it has become natural. I no longer need to write down what I am grateful for because I just think about it. The more I think, the more I find stuff to be grateful for. This morning, I was thankful for the medical progress which enables me to take a little pill and have my health issues being solved. Isn’t that mad ?

Anyways, I realised I write about my blessings and people I love, but maybe I don’t write enough to let them know how I feel. And they should do. So I took the time to write little notes, because a text is easy. I have always relied on them. But a note or a letter requires time, it requires getting envelops, stamps and finding the address. A letter shows I care about enough to spend that extra time . So that’s what I did today. And I giving that love has made me feel full of love even more.

Practise this too:

  1. List those you are grateful for in life, maybe at a time they have helped you
  2. List the last events when you needed friends and they were here for you
  3. Write down on any support the love you feel, maybe add a little box of chocolate or something you know they will like
  4. Deliver or post

Now how good do you feel about yourself ?


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