Practising being myself

It is Saturday morning and I have managed to get myself out of bed, had some breakfast and headed to the gym for the “Ab Attack class” I had booked. As I arrive to the gym, (where I also work), I say hello to everyone. I go to the class. It’s so hard, I sweat, my face is red, my hair is wet too. Just what you should look like when you work out.

I finish the class, head for a coffee, chat with many people, personal trainers, managers, bar staff, gym members, we discuss life, laugh, I read the papers….Then I realise, I have no make up on my face when a lot of woman around me have a full on make up face. I, on the other hand, have terrible skin, it feels dry and I have break outs from the wine last night. Holly shit, I {must} look gross….But does it make a difference to how people interacted with me this morning? Nope.

Do I physically feel any different ? Nope.

When I put make up on, do I feel different ? Probably more confident. But why should I ? I am the exact same woman with or without. And this morning, I realised how comfortable I was feeling in my skin around those lovely people. I realised I am a nice & bubbly person regardless of what I wear or what I look like. I realised I still have the ability to shine even when I don’t look my best. Because I am happy inside, I don’t need to impress anyone by looks, I don’t need to be someone else. I am enough, nice enough, honest enough, and I can bring people smiles or inspiration just with an inspiring 10 min chat, just with a joke.

And that is powerful I think. It took me a lot of time to embrace it. I will have to live with bad skin, and you know what, that’s cool, I shall let go of trying to hide that.

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