Why I am giving up Social Media for the next 40 days…

It’s important to remember that our word “Lent” comes from the Old English word for “springtime.” This gives us a wonderful insight into what the days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday are all about: a season when faith and the virtues of life grow and flower within our hearts and souls.

The good works of prayer, almsgiving, and fasting help us focus our attention on what is most important in life. And, if we can think of our Lenten penance as a “good work” to be taken on, and shift our focus away from what we “give up,” we will find that our Lenten prayer and devotions will be richer and more fruitful.

You know me, I do love a good Instagram post. Not so much selfies, but I like to see what’s happening, I like to get inspiration for my food, travels and looks. I also enjoy Facebook to see what’s happening in my friends life. Ok. Just putting this into words sounds very shallow already, doesn’t it ? Here are some of the reasons I am taking a social media detox, for the first time since Facebook in 2007 or Instagram in 2012

  1. Comparing myself to others

The last 6 months have been hard, I am not where I thought I would be, and I find it difficult to forgive myself. I struggle to find the patience within myself to believe that things will get better, I want happiness fast instead of dealing with things. I run away, I bury my thoughts in the Utopic World that is Social Media.

Yes, Instagram inspires me in many ways, I ” follow” very positives influencers, Love Gurus, Healers, Yogis, Travellers etc yet instead of dealing with my own problems, I admire in the distance those people, wishing I was as successful, rather than accepting/dealing with the “ugly” events which can happen in my own life. Events that change who am I , but that didn’t make me less worthy of anything, as long as I learnt from them. Have I learnt ? Not yet.

2. Loss of inspiration

I don’t really know what my Instagram is about, yet I share this for anyone to see ? It used to inspire others into yoga or fitness, then into food and travels… today my page is as random as Lady Gaga’s outfits (sadly not as popular !) My Facebook has been very quiet for years now, yet I still log in to see how people are doing. Who am I ? A stalker stalking someone asking to be stalked ? Truth be told, the only people I “stalk” on Facebook are the ones I am too stubborn to apologies to after we fell out, my oldest best friends Elodie and Sophie. (Luckily, we put stubbornness aside and we started talking again now)

I spend more time talking to the family WhatsApp group than over Messenger and that’s the way it should be, so why do I keep logging in?

I am realising that I read more articles on Facebook then see photos of friends on vacation. So why using it ? I may as well read newspapers or magazines, and call friends to catch up on life ?

3. Wasting hours.

Social media is such a powerful tool for a Business or for an idea to travel fast and grow strong, yet I spend way too much time on social media for no actual “outcome”. Let’s be honest, who else log in when they wake up and read it like the papers ? Then repeat this on their lunch break and then before going to bed ? I have not been productive over my cookbook Project or any other projects and thats because I have found social media to distract me from my own life, it is an escape, but what a waste of my time !

How about I take this opportunity to recharge my batteries, to fuel my creativity, set my goals, or to learn something new and get some qualifications towards a dream ?

4. Being a better friend, sister, daughter and auntie.

This should come as number 1 really ! I want to be a better friend and a better auntie and rather than sitting there scrolling through photos of strangers, I want to be involved with them all. I want to book flights and spend time with them on adventures, I want to book those tickets, drive that car and spend more time face to face and less time sat on my phone. I want to create real memories. Not just appear to be, I want to be.

Life crisis over. I will hopefully come back with some great articles, some positivity and loads of inspiration !

au revoir.

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