Uniqueness & Authenticity.

I do love fashion, but since my “social media detox” ( sounds so shallow), I no longer follow trends. I just get whatever the hell I want, I feel free & way more creative.

Give life to unwanted items of clothing & support the local charities.

Instead of visiting the common Topshop & Zara which will be full of the “must-have” of the seasons, I have found great pleasure in visiting charity shops in local villages. Since I have clothes to wear, I do not “need” any particular type of clothing, therefore there is a lot less pressure into shopping. I only buy what I find unique no matter the trend.

Here are a few bargains I recently bought:

Green Suede Bourse bag no brand £5 new

Topshop jeans £4 – excellent condition

Whistles black sweater £4 new condition

A few rules I go buy:

  1. If you see something you like, buy it. Don’t keep it until another day, because there will only be just one to pick and if it’s your size, go for it !
  2. Remember, a lot of today’s fashion comes back from past trends, there are incredible treasures hiding in charity shops. Be creative and dare to buy !
  3. Luxury second- hand shops have some amazing items from Vintage Chanel bags to Sonia Rykiel little black dress. Ok maybe not in Didsbury or Altrincham but why not applying this during a Parisian trip ?
  4. Some items may not be the perfect size but think wider – you could use a belt to turn an oversized man shirt into a short dress ? You could chop those jeans into denim shorts ? That little foulard could turn into a hair accessory ?

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