Merci Detox.

One month after deciding to detox from social media, I thought I would give you an insight of the 10 most important things that have happened:

  1. I resigned from my job
  2. I decided to take a Psychology Diploma to learn further about mental health
  3. I re-connected with my former best friend Elodie
  4. I read books. My favorite being “At the existentialist café” by Sarah Bakewell
  5. I wrote a lot. The book is looking strong & inspiring me each time I sit to write.
  6. I got a credit card to be a grown up. And nothing has changed. Sadly, money didn’t magically appear. It is almost like having a monster in the house, I keep it locked !
  7. I read several independent newspapers daily
  8. I stopped going to the gym. Honestly, I have always secretly hated it but wanted a nice butt. Now I have a normal butt. And more time to myself
  9. I go out on a weekly basis with friends for vinos & conversations about the world. Ok sometimes we get carried away in photo booths too.
  10. I feel free. No online influence into what I will wear, what I will eat, where I will holiday or what I will think. I really feel so much less pressure, I don’t need to fit or feel the frustration of not being good enough, rich enough, pretty enough, slim enough, smart enough. I am me. I am kind. I am honest. I am doing my best to be the best version of myself and have achieved what I have achieved.

To everyone out there who is feeling low, please switch off social media. Surround yourself by people who lift you up, who reminds you of your strength. Open books. Write down your strength. Write down your lows. Work on your dreams. Forget about what you don’t have. Focus on what you have and what you want. YOU. Not what society tells you that you need. Re-center on yourself. It is a difficult exercice because today’s world has such an influence. It is everywhere, when you check your email and are bombarded with targeted marketing emails. You open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and see those “sponsored” ads…

Realistically, what really enriches your soul ? That new car ? That new pair of shoes ? If you were a millionaire, go for it spoil yourself, but borrowing money to owe “things” simply does not make you better, and in the long run won’t make you happier, unless you are a very shallow person. We all have passions and interests but if you can’t afford to buy it, then ask yourself what makes you want to have it.

9 out of 10, you will already know for yourself that you don’t need it and that you only do it to make yourself feel better and mask a deeper problem. Maybe you feel insecure about yourself ? Maybe you think people will respect you more for owning a the latest car? Go around the world and educate yourself.

Take your own mind back. You are not what you wear. You are not your extra few pounds. You are not your acne scars. You are not less of a great human because you don’t own a car. Change friends if you think they only like you for what you have or what you look like. Ask yourself are you a gentle caring human ? Are you honest ? Are you funny ? Are you doing your best ?

Those are values and can’t be taken away. Remember that things and looks are temporary. Values last forever.

Boycott social media if it makes you compare yourself to others, focus on who you are and how you make the world a better place by being there.

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