Coffees in Chester.

How lovely to wake up to a friend inviting you to “take a trip somewhere” ?

I always remembered Chester as a special place. I have been here once before, when my friend Vicky took me on a day trip here before I flew back home, 8 years ago. I have very fond memories of that day & remember how I found it a beautiful city back then.

Off we drove, Emma and I, 30minutes away from Manchester, eating cream eggs, singing and chatting about finding that balance between work, life, children, men, being a woman and following our dreams.

We walked around the paved streets of medieval Chester, admiring those beautiful buildings. For the record, Chester is one of the best preserved walled cities in Britain, it has numbers of medieval buildings even though some of the white-and-black buildings are Victorian restaurations.

After walking around, we {obviously} stopped for coffees at The Jaunty Goat Company: a lovely little coffee shop just off one of the Main Street. Although the photos above are very light, the coffee shop itself tend to be much “darker”, as the front windows are the only windows. I like bright places, specially if I work on a laptop. However, it serves great coffee and good Vegan Banana & Chocolate Bread, that is more than enough to please me !

Emma’s gift to me, eco-friendly H&M bag

Thank you for being such an honest, authentic, spontaneous friend to me ♡ I knew there was a reason I was brought to Hale CC and you are it ! { Calum Scott – You are the reason}


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