New routine

Ahhhhh finally the 9 – 5 routine I was dreaming of… really ?

Stuck in traffic jam Am and Pm, tired eyes from starring at computer, not getting any fresh air in the day, feeling like all I do is drive, work, drive, prep food and sleep….it doesn’t sound dreamy at all does it !

….but it doesn’t have to be this way !

I managed to maximise my spare time to get the most out of each day:

  • I set off before traffic, around 7.15am. This allows me to get to the office early, and have a parking space. I then have time to treat myself for breakfast anywhere near the office, or in the office lounge, and get my thoughts together. Having a shower facility at the office, I can also go for an early run if I wish to! No excuse!!
  • I prepare food a few days ahead, chop veggies for salads or cook rice / quinoa / pasta and then put it all together the night before. Making sure I grab enough nutrients is still very important but harder when you get tempted all the time by office treats everywhere. You will soon see in the book some easy ideas for healthy lunches and snack to take to the office, guilt free, cruelty free, meat free !
  • I use my hour-long lunch break to catch up with family, write articles or the book or plan my finances.
  • I set off after traffic. I take a walk after work and listen to relaxing music. With the DVT, I must include daily exercices in my routine for healthy circulation, and let’s be honest it’s also good for my mental health ! Sitting in traffic after work is draining for me, having to focus on the road right after a stressful day is impossible for me, and I feel my driving is terrible after work !! Since I don’t drink coffee at 6pm & wine is not the best answer weekdays, walking seems like the most sensible thing to do. Free & healthy !

I am yet to enjoy all my weekends free, but you sure will see a lot of weekend stuff to do very soon !


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