Food waste issues

Did you know ?

All the world’s one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe

Food waste is worth £700 per year to the average UK family

The ingredients from my morning breaky were all going to be thrown by the supermarkets:

  • Ready made pancakes reduced from the shop at £0.40p for 6 ( I could make my own but rather reduce waste)
  • The yogurt was reduced to £0.40 for a full tub. I will use the rest to top up soups
  • The strawberries were reduced to 0.50 for a full pack, I froze the rest for smoothies

Expiration dates are a sham .

Expiration dates are based on rough estimates. They can tell you when a carton of eggs or a raw steak will most likely reach the limit for its best quality, but that’s about it.

Some Tips:

  • Shop after 6pm to get your hands veggies, herbs (coriander, basil etc) fruits, bread, croissants, crumpets, pancakes etc and freeze them at home.
  • Download the “olio” app: members post items they are not going to use but going to be binned. It is all free.
  • Download the “TooGoodToGo” app: restaurants reduce price of items each day – grab a bargain for a weekly date with a friend !

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